Milk Chocolate Protein Powder
Milk Chocolate Protein Powder

Milk Chocolate Protein Powder

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WYLD Protein is 100% vegan and packed with all the amino acids your body needs, with a creamy texture and versatile taste. You won't get a super grainy or chalky texture here, just high quality and easy to drink! Its unique combination of pea protein and brown rice protein makes it a favorite among those looking for a vegan-friendly plant-based option. We've added a special digestive enzymes blend to ensure better digestion and absorption of nutrients, while our new improved flavors make it convenient for daily consumption.

✔️ Two Amazing Flavors (Milk Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean)
✔️ Potent Probiotics (Better digestion and absorption of nutrients)
✔️ Increased from 23 Servings to 30 Servings Per Tub
✔️ Creamy Texture (We don't like the grainy feel either)
✔️ Tastes Great Even With Water

As a bonus, you'll optimize your gut health with our carefully hand-picked digestive enzymes blend, DigeZyme™ which is a unique, proprietary blend of 5 specific enzymes, viz. α-amylase (starch hydrolyzing enzyme), protease (protein hydrolyzing enzyme), lipase (Fat hydrolyzing enzyme), cellulase (cellulose hydrolyzing enzyme), and lactase (lactose hydrolyzing enzyme).


  • Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) in 6-8 oz of cold water or milk substitute.
  • Vary the amount of liquid for taste preference
  • Great for post-training or as a meal replacement.
  • Add to smoothies, baking, pudding and more!

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Support the WYLD Cause

Our protein is made right here in the USA in our state of the art facilities. Everything we sell is 100% vegan and supports our efforts to spread awareness to wildlife conservation and animal advocation.

Optimize Your Gut Health

Your gut health is essential for many of your body's functions. Having a healthy gut can increase your day to day functionality and benefit your overall health in many ways. Our protein blend is packed with a probiotic punch to help you improve your gut health and keep your body on the right track.

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